Get Residential Permitting

Get Residential Permitting

Let F.L. Fulghum Design Builders, Inc. take care of your paperwork

Do you need proper permitting for a:

  • Repair?
  • Remodel?
  • Other work order?

Get in touch with F.L. Fulghum Design Builders, Inc. Our inspector can provide a comprehensive inspection report for any home improvement you may need done. He’ll handle all the necessary paperwork to obtain the proper permitting for you. Whether you’re planning a renovation or you need permitting following the completion of a project, you can count on our company. We gladly serve the entire Tampa Bay area, including Hillsborough and Pinellas counties.

Call 813-503-4942 today to schedule a permitting inspection.

Do you need a commercial permit?

F.L. Fulghum Design Builders, Inc. is trusted by commercial property owners in Tampa, Florida and the surrounding region. Our inspector will work with you, along with your contractor, to make sure your project is safe, correct, legal and up to code.

Put your commercial property’s permitting in capable hands. Make an appointment with F.L. Fulghum Design Builders, Inc..